Smart Agriculture in Motion

Finding smart solutions to problems agriculture professionals face is our creed. We work on a project basis in order to tackle complex issues in Morocco and beyond its borders

Bring agriculture to the next level by giving access to the latest technologies

Along with renowned experts and partners, our aim is to bridge the gap between the farmers and the latest discoveries and technologies in agriculture.

smart-farming-user-group Who we are ?

A mixed-team of experienced professionals from different backgrounds–agro-engineers, sales& marketing, corporate finance–bound by the same passion for agriculture and technology.

 What we do ?

Our objective is to tackle complex issues in the agriculture field and come upwith solutions, either existing or to-be-developed. Once a need is clearly identified, we leverage our experience and our network of experts/partners to develop and provide access locally to smart fixes.

mission-smart-farming Our Mission 

Our mission is to support farmers in Morocco and beyond with their most complicated issues by offering them unmatched products and services.


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Project – Palmshield®

Early detection device (made in Morocco) and endotherapy treatment to fight the Red Palm Weevil with the collaboration of Lumnex and Fertinyect.

In 2017, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Near East and North Africa, Mr. Abdessalam Ould Ahmed declared “The Red Palm Weevil represents the most dangerous threat to date palm“. In 2018, one year before the creation of the company, we kicked-off our work to define the best solution we could implement at scale in order to control the expansion of this plague. The fight against RPW was the driving force behind the creation of Smart Agriculture Leader.

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Nursery in Morocco with exclusive varieties in Morocco (ex. Pistachio, Fig, Cactus) and multiplication facilities.

We decided to launch our own nursery as we noticed that the origins of the plants available and their genetic material are very unclear. Moreover, in view of Morocco’s changing climate,it is imperative for investors and farmers to think their projects through and plan for the long term, taking into account the growing constraints in terms of water scarcity and fewer hours of cold. In this sense, our role is to support growers in their choice of varieties for their crop, in line with their environment and their own constraints, and to provide them with relevant varieties/ rootstocks.

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News & Events


News - Dec. 2023

For 3days, the FAO gathered experts from over the world in Marrakech, Morocco, for its Regional Technical meeting to strengthen national capacities for surveillance and management of cactus and cochineal in the Mediterranean.

News - Mar. 2023

On theoccasionof the12th Congress of the AMPP held at the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute in Rabat, Morocco, we summarized over 5 years of R&D work and presented our integrated solution for controlling RPW, combining early larval detection technology with endotherapy treatment.

News - Oct. 2018

For 3 days, the FAO and CIHEAM brought together representatives from over 29 countries in Bari, Italy, to discuss innovative and sustainable methods for combating the red palm weevil.